Tell me its okay to feel insecure, tell me its okay to nag, tell me its okay  to feel jealous, tell me its okay to feel lonely, tell me its okay to have fears, tell me its okay to get emotional, tell me its okay to be cynical, tell me its okay to have nightmares, tell me its okay to feel weak, tell me its okay not to act strong all the time, tell me its okay to really need someone, tell me its okay to cry sometimes, tell me its okay to have doubts; unless you want to tell … Continue reading TELL ME!!!


Which do you prefer, purple or pink? Yeah right if you have chosen any of the above then it means you know what choices are and you probably have a conscience. To do or not to do is solely your choice. I could probably shut up and watch you screw up your beautiful life, but you are not an island to yourself. This basically means, you deal with humans and what you do or not do has an effect on people around you and the world as a whole. So yes! I would not sit and watch you screw up … Continue reading WOMAN = POWER


The Holy Book says ‘ love your neighbor as yourself,’ meaning the ‘love‘ starts with ‘YOU‘. You can’t love someone if you don’t know how to love yourself. Get to know who you are ‘MAN KNOW THYSELF.‘  How can you give something you don’t have? If you can’t take yourself out and give yourself the pampering and treat you need, you can never do it for someone wholeheartedly. 14th February has been dedicated to showing love. Have you waited all year to show love on this particular day? Mind you, you can’t give something you don’t have. If you don’t have … Continue reading 1ST, LOVE YOURSELF


Candy crush happens to be one of my favorite games. Its actually very addictive, I can play it till I loose all 5lives allocated for each session. Some levels are more difficult than the others. There are times I spend weeks on just a level and no matter how much time I loose the lives I’m given and how frustrating it gets, I still wait, for sometimes, almost 24 hours before my life is refilled and then I proceed. Most people have a kind of game ( something made by a mere mortal for entertainment) they are addicted to and … Continue reading CANDY CRUSH!


What would you do, if the people around you are just characters in someone’s dream if the mansion you think you are living in, is a cave in that dream? if the good times and bad times in your life ,are purposefully orchestrated by the dreamer to entertain him/herself? Your dreams and aspirations…all part of this dream, were basically positioned there to spice up the dream? Your fears and worries are just episodes in an horror movie in a dream, Your loved ones and foes are just imaginary characters who do not exist? Heaven and earth is just a detention … Continue reading WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


You get to fall in love with her. You guys spend much time together. She has told you her favorite food, color, ice cream etc. You think you know her enough because you have been to her house and she has been to yours. You finally propose to her, you exchange vows, now you are married. You are complaining that she likes sleeping too much; you have forgotten you have never spent that kind of life with her before… You prefer your toothpaste on the dressing mirror, She prefers it in the washroom. You like you breakfast at 9am, She’s … Continue reading THAT COIN


When the whole world feels like a vacuum, with only you as the visible particle in it. When the warmest atmosphere, makes you feel the coldest. When the only voice you hear around you, is just an echo of you own voice. When you finally hear a sound that gives you hope, only to realize its just your heartbeat. When the bed that gives you comfort, feels like a wet blanket covering you When you try moving away from all this feeling, only to find out you are lost in an incomplete maze. When the sound of laughter, feels like … Continue reading THAT FEELING